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Welcome! Antwine's Academics LLC provides all the tools, guidance, and support your K-6th grade student needs. Take a look around and explore the various services I offer, At-Home Learning Resources & Kits you can purchase, and more!  

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$75/week or $250/month

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$65/week or $225/month


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“My son has a speech impediment, and Mrs. Antwine has worked so hard to not only help him improve academically, but also I have noticed a significant improvement in his speech. She provides detailed updates after each session that allows me to know exactly what they worked on, how my son did, and what I can do to work on skills at home. She has been a blessing to my family!”

B. Chester, December 2020

My daughter's high school principal stated that my daughter was one of two students in her ENTIRE class who managed to stay on top of her virtual assignments...all thanks to Mrs. Antwine's services! 

D. Greg, April 2021

“Mrs. Antwine is the type of teacher that you wish your child could have from Kindergarten through the 12th grade! When we started services in July 2020, my son was on a Kindergarten level; now, my son reads ON GRADE LEVEL and has so much confidence! My son is very active, and she holds his attention the entire time! She is loving, creative, engaging, and professional. You should make the investment with Mrs. Antwine if you want results!”

R. Jameson, January 2021


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